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Juanita Kapp


Founder & Owner of the Meticulous Moments Podcast

Founder & Owner of the Meticulous Martial Arts Mastermind

Co-Founder & Owner of the KAPPTOR Connection

Co-Founder of Business Prowess Podcast

5 X International Best-Selling Author

Hoinser Media Group Brand Ambassador (Europe)

Global Public Speaker & MC

Spiritual Counselor

Martial Artist
Executive Producer & Stunt Coordinator 

Since I was a young child I have always wanted to "Tame the pen and the sword" and have made it my mission to do just that. I was an ordained Pastor for 15 years and enjoyed working with congregations. I have always been a natural speaker and worked my way up in various Corporations whilst being in the ministry. In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic I decided to change my life and follow my heart's passion. I became an entrepreneur of note through pure willpower and personal choice. I have since opened various businesses that are highly successful and have started to travel the world. I am excited about the future and the developments that it will present. Personal and Professional development has always been at the top of my priority list. I travel the globe in order to share my energy and positive outlook on life with those who cross my path. As an entrepreneur I am a risktaker and I will continue to be one. The sky is the limit in what we can achieve, if only we would take the courage to believe.

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Founder and Host of the Meticulous Moments Podcast


Global Public Speaker 
and MC

Martial Artist 


Executive Producer &
Stunt Coordinator 


5 times International Best-selling author 


Spiritual Counselor

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