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Juanita Kapp


Founder & Owner of the Meticulous Moments Podcast

Founder & Owner of the Meticulous Martial Arts Mastermind

Co-Host on The Joe Cortez Show: The Happy Hour Show with Joe Cortez and Kevin Oliver

Co-Founder & Owner of the KAPPTOR Connection

Co-Founder of Business Prowess Podcast

5 X International Best-Selling Author

Hoinser Media Group Brand Ambassador (Europe)

Global Public Speaker & MC

Spiritual Counselor

Martial Artist
UK Black Belt Hall of Famer

Spartan Hall of Warriors President for South Africa

Inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors in 2024 for Outstanding Achievements in Martial Arts 

Executive Producer & Stunt Coordinator 

Agent to Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch - Hector Camacho Jr, Jarrod Tillinghast & Kevin Oliver 

Since I was a young child I have always wanted to "Tame the pen and the sword" and have made it my mission to do just that. I was an ordained Pastor for 15 years and enjoyed working with congregations. I have always been a natural speaker and worked my way up in various Corporations whilst being in the ministry. In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic I decided to change my life and follow my heart's passion. I became an entrepreneur of note through pure willpower and personal choice. I have since opened various businesses that are highly successful and have started to travel the world. I am excited about the future and the developments that it will present. Personal and Professional development has always been at the top of my priority list. I travel the globe in order to share my energy and positive outlook on life with those who cross my path. As an entrepreneur I am a risktaker and I will continue to be one. The sky is the limit in what we can achieve, if only we would take the courage to believe.

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Founder and Host of the Meticulous Moments Podcast


Global Public Speaker 
and MC


5 times International Best-selling author 

Martial Artist 


Executive Producer &
Stunt Coordinator 


Spiritual Counselor

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